Saturday, March 7, 2009


Okay, I know I have been a bad blogger this last week. So much to do, so little time for much else. Plus I keep coming up with these brilliant ideas to blog about and I'm an never near a computer in time to put them down. But, last Sunday the kids and I were heading back to Valparaiso to see my best friend Stacey and her new baby. I was traveling on 80/94 going west bound and a little snow started to come down. As I was getting further into Michigan City it was getting worse. Cars were slipping off the road everywhere, the accidents were getting crazy! It was a messy. I noticed that a car had slid off the road and down the embankment and was hidden in the very tall grass along the way. So I grabbed my phone and called 411 to get a hold of the state police. I felt I needed to because the car was very hard to see and I just had a vision of that person being stuck down there for days (like all the news stories that we hear). The operator comes on and asks for the city and state. I tell her that I need the Indiana state police to report an accident. She tells me that I need to be more specific because there are many Indiana state police numbers. Fine, I tell her that I just passed the Michigan City exit, heading to the Valparaiso exit, and that the car was under Brown rd. She mumbles something and then sends me the number. I stay connected and it goes ahead and calls for me. The person on the other line picks up and I give them tons of details. And the person on the other line asks me if I'm trying to contact the police. I say of course, and she then tells me that I called the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Now come on! How did the stupid operator confuse the police with the DNR! That is just retarded, I'm sorry! The nice person on the phone through the DNR asks me if she could call the police for me, so I give her all the details and she calls them. By the time I was done with all that it actually made me question if I should have even tried! But in the long run, I'm glad that I did. Who knows what could have happened to that person down in that ditch if I hadn't. They may have been fine, they may not have.


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