Thursday, April 30, 2015

Cub Scout community projects

For 2 years now, our scouts have taken part in a Trash Bash at a local park. We head over, collect trash for a few hours, and then they reward us with a hot dog cookout. Not too bad! This year, Adam really wanted to do something else. So he contacted the South Bend parks department and together they came up with this project. A flagstone wall had been falling down and was in disrepair at Leeper Park. This area is close to the fragrant garden for the blind, and also in a historic part of the park. Adam was also able to have 2 local companies to donate the stone that we needed to help fix the wall.

The day arrived, and it was cold, rainy, and very muddy!! We had a great turn out of families to come and help. We started by raking all the leaves away from the wall, collect and fallen stones, and then dig out the rest of the stones and wall. It was heavy dirty work, but it went really well considering the weather.

By the end of the day, the wall was finished. It was a dry stack wall, meaning no mortar to hold the stones in place. It is not a pretty wall right now, but it is a fixed wall. We also had some leftover stones to leave with the parks department so that if they need to, they can add them to the wall.

The next day, the sun came out and dried out the mud. We were able to come back and clean up the mess we made. It didn't take too long, but it felt great to be able to do this.

After we were done on the 2nd day, the kids had a blast exploring the park more. We come here many times a year, but there were things they never looked at.

They took a time to relax on the steps of the Pierre Navarre log cabin in the park.

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