Friday, March 13, 2009

Good? Morning

Have you ever joined a group just to cause trouble and stir the pot some? Do you like drama? Well, I think my cat says yes to both of these questions! Last night at 2am he cat went into the kids room and somehow woke L up. So of course that means it's time to play. The only problem is that there are no toys in their room. So L tried to play with the cat, that didn't happen, since the cat doesn't really like him, so he crawled under the baby gate at the door just enough to pull on some of the toys just of of reach. This then causes a huge crash since the toy he was pulling on was under an old baking sheet filled with magnets. L didn't fall back asleep until 4 am! It took me going into the room and sitting in a chair until he was finally out. I go back into my room and D wakes up crying. So I get her back to sleep. By this point I am wide awake! I spend the next hour listening to the kids tossing and turning, the cat under the bed licking and scratching, and the hubby snoring next to me in bed. I sit up in bed and read my book. It is not a good book to read before bed! I read until 6 and finally try to close me eyes. Now my stomach is growling and I start to have a random asthma attack! I force myself to sleep since I know the kids will be up soon. I actually got 2 hours of sleep once I finally closed my eyes. I'm beat today and now I don't feel well. Great!


Maryjane said...

Oh, that sounds awful!! I'm sorry Kelly. : (

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