Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Spring Break 2016

Our spring break this year had horrible weather sadly, so we had to alter our plans. We spent every weekday of break with our best friends.

Monday: Learn how to Geocache! If you haven't given this a shot, I highly suggest you do! While using GPS coordinates you find little hidden treasures. The kids had a blast and we ended up finding 7 around town.

Tuesday: Imagination Station in Toledo Ohio!

Wednesday: Bowling!!!! Our local place was running a special. For $25 6 people got shoes, 2 hours of bowling, a large pizza, and a pitcher of lemonade.

We then made a frozen yogurt stop at the local Sweet Frog!

Then our last stop for the day, the local library! They set up a bunch of life size games to play. We loved playing kerplunk and Candy Land.

Thursday: Curious Kid's Museum in St. Joe Michigan

Friday: The AG days fair! Our local 4h likes to put on a fair where kids can come and meet the animals and farms for free. We have gone every year since L was in kindergarten.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Sugar Camp Days 2016

I'm not sure how this didn't get posted a month ago, but here it goes.

We really enjoyed going to the Sugar Camp Days last year, and when I won a free pass from the local radio station, we needed to go again!

We always love seeing what sculptures they make out of ice.

And of course D wanted to take a ride on the horse drawn wagon, she even got the top spot up by the driver.

The guys opted to walk along side the wagon.

Got to check out how the pioneers gathered the maple sap to turn into maple syrup.

My intrepid tree climbers.

L was super nervous to do this again, but braved it anyway and got higher this year than last.

D stopped halfway up to have a good swing before climbing all the rest of the way up.

We then headed in for crafts and some maple cotton candy, the best!

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