Monday, March 9, 2009

A question for all you moms of more than 1 child?

Alright I have a question. When you mommies of more than 1 child go shopping and need to put the kids and bags in the car. How do you do it? I typically have both children belted into the stroller or the shopping cart. When I get to the car I put one kid in while the other is still belted in, with the stroller or cart pushed close to the back of the car, out of the way of traffic. Once the first kid is in, then I put the other kid in. After both kids are in I finally put the bags in and either put the stroller back in the trunk or put the cart back in it's place.

Now I ask because I swear that everytime I'm out with the kids woman walk by and give me dirty looks. Not once has that person asked if I need help! If it offends you that much, then help me! How else am I suppose to get to kids and all the bags in?

Any suggestions?


Mommy said...

Screw the dirty looks, seriously! There isn't a perfect way to do it unless you have another adult with you. I've heard sanctimommies complain that if you buckle your kids in before loading the bags and returning the cart that the kids are in danger of being carjacked/getting too hot or cold. And the other sanctimommies complain that if you leave them in the cart while loading, then they are in danger of being hit by a backing car. So either way you will get the looks!

Hippie Mama Kelly said...

I know! I feel like no matter what, these people think I'm a bad mommy. I guess it doesn't really matter.

heathernkids said...

1.Chuck baby in her carseat. Wheel cart full of junk to other side.
2.Chuck toddler in the carseat. Shut the door.
3.Run to rear, throw items in the back of the van, pray eggs and bread are not on the bottom.
4.Whip cart into cart corral.
5. return dirty looks back to the dirty look giver.

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