Friday, February 27, 2009

Potty Training-Day 3!

I have decided to potty train L. He is 3 in June and tells me all the time that he "hates diapers mommy!" We have been trying to get him to use the potty for a while now and have even bribed him with stickers and pennies for his bank, but nothing seemed to work. We even have 2 different kinds of pottys, but nothing. So after talking to some of my great mommy friends, we put him in big boy underpants and see where it takes us. I started that on Wednesday and today is Friday. He is doing better, but we are still having accidents. Today he hasn't gone pee yet, except for on the floor this morning because we didn't get to him in time. He did get 10 stickers on his board in the bathroom so I went out and got him a prize. But D was flipping out because she wanted to use the potty too. Last night I took her upstairs before bed because she wanted to use it. She peed on it right away and was very proud of herself. So last night after the kids were off to bed, I headed out to Meijer. I picked up 3 packs of big girl undies for D, 1 more pack for L to use as prizes, a package of pull ups for each kids (only for long car rides), and a new potty chair for D (since L freaked when we tried to let her use his). What an expensive trip to the store that was, but counting how much diapers would cost, I'm willing to invest. With L we are on day 3 and with D we are on day 1. Wish me luck!

I have officially gone crazy trying to potty train 2 at the same time!

UPDATE TIME: It is not going well. L was doing great, but now today has not gone on the potty once. He was holding it for hours throughout the day, I would stick him on the potty when I knew he would have to go, and this would result in a meltdown. I would finally let him get up from the potty, only to have him have an accident and not tell me about it. I keep asking him if he needs to go, but he is just stubborn! Now D, she was so not ready. She was showing me all the signs, but when I finally put the big girl undies on she just kept peeing all over the living room, and not telling me that she did. So D is back in a diaper and I'll try again with her in 2 months, and L is in a pull up for now. I'll try again with him in a month. We shall see!


Mommy said...

Hey, you're already cleaning up accidents, so why not get'er all done at once :O) Girls train faster than boys I've heard, so it makes sense that D would be ready the same time as L. Good luck! Bye-bye diapers!

Joyce said...

You are a braver woman than I am. My little one always sits on the potty. I admit that most days I am too lazy to take her diaper off her. I just let her sit there with her diaper on. I'm sabotaging myself because I am not ready for it!

Tiffany said...

If she is showing signs I'd keep it up. Girls train so much faster than boys! My mom said I was done at 13 months!

I wish Zilla was even sorta kinda interested but he's not! When DZ gets back from school though we are gonna really give it a go since Zilla will be 3 in July I'd like to get this started! Keep us up to date on how it going!

heathernkids said...

Hang in there, it will happen!!

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