Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Apple Picking 2014

We LOVE apple picking! It is just one of those things that we look forward to every fall. We normally go to Garwood in LaPorte, but this year I was working on the south side of Elkhart on a Sunday morning, so we decided that the family would come with me for work, and then we would pick apples at Kercher's in Goshen this year. We had gone here once in the past with friends years ago, and really liked it. There was a storm heading our way, so we tried to head out before it got too bad. Sure enough as soon as we got there it started to drizzle, and would periodically the entire rest of the day, but that didn't deter us from picking over 11lbs. of Jonathan and Cortland apples!

There was a small corn maze to run through, and these silly picture op pumpkins. The hay rides started the weekend after we went, but we are planning on going back again for more apples next month.

After we were done picking, we headed into the farm stand where the amazing scent of cinnamon, baked goods, and cider were wafting about. We did pick up a box of Rise n' Roll cinnamon donut holes, and boy were they amazing! This picture just cracks me up!!!! L has a cheek stuffed with donut holes, and D is making a crazy smiling face.

Apple Picking past years!


Monday, September 29, 2014

First day of School 2nd and 3rd grade

Our back to school week began with picking out new glasses, even D got glasses this year. Since we were already at the mall, we stopped off to get Amish made Ben's pretzels. These are our all time favorites!!!

 Then it was new shoe shopping! These kid's feet are growing like crazy!
 We had to adorn our front door with puffy paint school buses, even though we don't ride the bus.
 And pencil bookmarks for all those books we plan to read this year.
 The night before school starts and the backpacks are all ready to go.
 First day of 3rd grade! How did that happen already?
 First day of 2nd grade!
 Nice photo for the wall...
 and a silly photo for the kids.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Comic Con Chicago!!!!!

Both L and D are super into comics, superheros, video games, and sci-fi these days, so Adam decided they were finally old enough to head to the Chicago Comic Con! Luckily kids 12 and under get in free, so it was only $100 for us to get in. We NEEDED to dress up as well, so Adam got to work creating his and both kids costumes. Mine was super easy, I bought it from Hot Topic. D went as the Black Widow ("because she has red hair and shoots a gun"), L went as Han Solo, Adam went as the original Flash, and I was the Doctor's Tardis (my light on top even flashed).

On the "red carpet"

 This Lady Loki saw D as we were walking in and gave her a little salute. So when we saw her walking around inside, D wanted her picture taken with her. It was adorable because the girl had HER mom take a picture as well.
 L found this fellow Han Solo, and asked if he could get a picture. Cracked me up because he was at the bar and needed to set his drink down to take it.
 I just loved this little girl! She was dressed as Hermione, and D was too nervous to ask her for a photo. So I asked her if D could take her picture with her. The little girl was shocked that someone wanted a picture with her, and got really excited.

Oh poor John Watson. Left behind again.
 Yes, yes I know, these next few are blurry, but we weren't suppose to take pictures in this area. They were selling photo ops and signatures, but I just couldn't afford those. We did notice a large group of people hanging out by a black curtain in the back. We figured someone was bound to come out, and sure enough the crowd got really loud and cameras were going crazy. We could see Matt Smith's head bouncing up above the crowd as we bounced his way to his table.
 I am still in shock that I was this close to The Doctor!!!! He even waved to me (or in my direction)

And there is John Barrowman, otherwise known as Captain Jack Harkness!!!
 The kids did get to try out the new Skylanders video game that is not even out yet. When they went to school the next day and told all their friends, they were royalty on the playground.

 This IronMan costume was amazing!!! It was all homemade, and moveable mask, made all the sounds and even had pulsing lights.
 I found Amy Pond and the Last Centurion! While we were taking a picture, tons of people ran up for a shot as well. Made me feel a bit famous.

 I also got to take a picture with a real Tardis. I was super excited because as soon as I touched the handle, it started to make the noise!! EEEEEEEKKKKK!!!!!

And this is what I brought home from our trip. As of right now, all but the dalek is on the car.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Last trip of summer break

School starts on a Wednesday here, so I thought that last Monday before it started, why not take a mini road trip. I didn't tell the kids where we were going, loaded up the car, and took off. Our first stop was Lincoln Park Zoo. We went once before, but didn't get to see the entire zoo. The kids were so excited. We ended up timing it perfectly and got there shortly after they opened.  We spent 5 hours there!!!! I was not thinking we would spend that much time, but we saw every single thing there was to see. From there we made a stop at Trader Joe's to stock up on fun snacks for the school year. The kids beg and plead with me to take them there. Not many kids do that at a grocery store, but at this one they get to look for a hidden stuffed animal and then the cashier rewards them with natural suckers and this time, smelly stickers!

From there we had Al's #1 beef sandwiches for dinner, and then off to Ikea. I know, I know, "you take your kids with to Ikea?????" They know that I head up there with my girlfriends often and to them it is a magical land. By the time we got there they were exhausted, so we didn't spend much time. Just long enough to pick up a few things from our list, grab a drink and frozen yogurt cone, and then it was time to head for home.

 We got there at the perfect time to see how they train and work with the seals. It was tons of fun to see, and we had front row seats!!!

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