Friday, March 13, 2009

Frugal little me.

After being in the situation that we have been living in for a while, you become thrifty and frugal out of necessity. I started to keep all the glass jars from pasta sauce before Christmas to put the homemade apple butter in for gifts. Well I still had 3 sitting on my shelf. I thought why not put all my dried beans into the jars and clean up the pantry a little. I was inspired by another blog that I follow, the only difference was that I was motivated by clutter. Last weekend when I went to the junk store I picked up a super cute vintage jar. It has yellow sunflowers and a yellow lid on it and I thought of putting my coffee beans in it. Perfect! I have a large glass jar with a tight fitting lid, and it dawned on me to put my flour in that one. And the old plastic Tupperware cereal container that the flour was in is now going to hold the rice. I am feeling great about this. I get to reuse, and tidy up my pantry. Just a few more random glass jars and it will all be perfect.


Maryjane said...

Oh I saw those jars on Heather's blog and wanted to do that as well - except I don't have a pantry anymore, and I lack motivation. In our new basement Jeremy found an old box full of wine/booze bottles. There is a really cool one with a glass twist top on it that I think I might clean up. I also found this really cool 'motif' painter thingy in there. I think I might clean it up and post on my blog about it.
I'm trying to think if I have any jars I could send your way, but I think I gave all my canning jars to my aunt because I don't have room for a garden in our new yard. :( Anyway, I love how resourceful you are!

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