Friday, July 12, 2013

Mythbuster Birthday Party!!!

Last year after L and D's party, they insisted that the next party had to be Mythbuster themed. Normally they change their ideas every day, but this one held fast. Throughout the year, I was able to pick up caution tape on clearance from Michael's. We made sure we did fun science projects with the kids!!

The first one we did was 2 baking trays full of baking soda (found a giant box in the grocery baking aisle), colored vinegar with food coloring which we poured into plastic shot glasses, and gave each kid a plastic pipette (found at United Art and Education). I showed to the kids how to pull the vinegar into the pipette and then squeeze it onto the baking soda causing little eruptions. This one was a big hit with everyone!

Then we moved onto a super easy trick and the best part is that you probably have everything in the house already! You just need a Ziploc plastic bag (any size will do), water, and sharpened pencils. You simply fill the bag with water to whatever height you would like. Zip it closed, and then slowly push a sharp pencil through the bag where the water is, and the hole will self seal. You can push a bunch of pencils and it should only leak when you take the pencils back out!

Next we split the kids into girls and boys. We had about 15 kids there and they were about evenly split. The girls and I headed away a bit from the picnic shelter. The Mythbusters have a crash test dummy named "Buster" that always gets beat up in all they do. So we needed a Buster to beat up too! I had an old Tuxedo Mask doll, and a friend had given us a large water balloon sling shot. Soooooo, we tried to see how far we could fling Buster! I even made little flags out of Popsicle sticks and paper with the kids names on them to mark where Buster landed. He did loose both arms in the process, and let me just say, the girls got him the farthest!

The boys headed over with Adam to the side of the picnic shelter where we had kite string tied between 2 poles. Each boy got a balloon that they taped to a cut down straw. They blew up the balloon, slipped the kite string through the straw and let go, sending it flying down the string. After everyone had a turn, we switched!

And we had to finish the science with the mentos/diet cola explosion! We had lemon lime, diet, and regular cola to try it with.  In our trying, we discovered the lemon lime did the best this time around. The kids all had fun watching that one!

It was time for cake, and normally I make a big, fun themed cake. This year, since the party was at a park, we did simple funfetti cupcakes with either chocolate or vanilla frosting.

Then it was present time! The kids got so many really nice things from everyone. I handed out the treat bags to the guests while they watched the gift opening. I figured it would help keep hands busy! Inside each blue bag treat bag was a mini notebook, golf pencil, safety goggles (Thank you Dollar Tree!!!!), and a packet of Pop Rocks!

Overall it was a fantastic party, and a wonderful day! The easiest party I think we have done so far!

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