Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Very Busy March

So I was sitting here and thinking about how busy I am and just to prove it I am going to show you my March calendar.

1-Visit friend with new baby
2-Dr. suess playdate
3-visit my mom
4-mall playdate
5-Tastefully simple party
6-girls night out
7-mom's lunch and shopping
8-beer night
-Gibson's party
-Montana and Mira's party
9-playdate at Annie's
-playdate at Healthworks kids museum
10-organizer's meeting
11-group get to know you at Chocolate Cafe
-Johnny Appleseed Day playdate
12-playdate at chocolate cafe
-Dominik's birthday playdate
14-Women's Health Expo
-Winter Days at the zoo
-Get together with the Baker family
15-high school girlfriends get together
16-playdate at Katrina's
17-St. Pat's kids party
18-visit mom
19-mall playdate
-book club
20-Garden party
21-dinner with friends
22-Family dinner at Steak and Shake
-Stephanie's baby shower
23-playdate at Diane's
24-visit mom
26-playdate at Chik-Fil-A
27-Bubble playdate
28-Compost seminar
-Art night
29-Beth's wedding shower
-Ben's birthday
30-Incredible kid playdate

Wow that's tons of stuff.

My mom's group is getting together tonight to put together the April calendar. I'll post that too when I get home!


Mommy said...

eek! And I thought MY calendar was full :) I love your new background!

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