Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dear crabby old lady

Dear crabby old lady,
What did I do that put such a sour look on that old face of yours? Was it that I took my kids for a walk on a beautiful day to the library teaching them that exercise, fresh air, and reading are all important? Was it that I let me kids choose what they wanted to get, teaching them that they have a choice in life? Was it that when they were fighting over who got to hold the Curious George movie I told them they needed to be quite? Was it when they kept fighting that I told them both to stop yelling and didn't smack, hit, or scream at my kids? Was it when they still kept it up that I took away the offending movie? Or was it that I didn't ignore them acting up? Maybe it was when they still couldn't be quite, I took them out the door and left? Gee, I really wish that you could have stopped me and told me what pissed you off. Well maybe next time you can tell me while I'm busy being a decent parent to 2 small children!

Thanks for nothing, and making my mood a foul one!
Hippie Mama Kelly


Maryjane said...

I love that one of your words at the bottom is "old fart"!!
Crabby ladies are usually crabby no matter what you did - wrong OR right. They are mad at the world, maybe because they are old and you are not?

Tiffany said...

Sorry some old sour puss made your day not so great. Don't let anyone elses bad mood ruin yours - let them be in their funk on their own!

David A. Stokely said...

I very much enjoyed your blog. Thanks for sharing your day. . .

Keep on keeping on.


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