Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Corn Day!

Last week, my co-organizer hosted a corn day.  She had 2 corn crafts, and we taste tested different ways to eat corn.  We tried canned corn, popcorn, corn nuts, hominy, baby corn, and mini corn bread muffins.  The kids tasted everything.  Yes they didn't like all the things, but they at least tried one bite of each.  Once they ate a bite of everything, we brought out the "corn" cupcakes.  I found these in the book Hello Cupcake, and have wanted to make them for forever.  The kids just ate the jelly beans off the top.  Our crafts were really fun and messy!  Amanda had a picture of a corn cob printed out, we smeared glue over the cob part, and then put un-popped popcorn all over it.  Then came the really messy one.  Each kid got a piece of construction paper.  We set out plates with different colors of washable paint along with a small piece of cooked corn on the cob.  They got to roll the cob in the paint and then roll it along the paper.  D really got into it, and she just wanted to keep going.  The kids thought the messy crafts were great fun.  Thanks again Amanda!

Fun Foods

This year for the moms group Halloween party I made mini mummy cupcakes for the kids.  Last year I did pumpkins and bats.  I also wanted to make a fun Halloween night dinner.  So after we got home from trick or treating I made mummy hot dogs, and since I had leftover rolls, I made mummy string cheese.  I also made monster apples, served with a puddle of blood (ketchup), and a big glass of monster blood to drink (sprite colored red).  Unfortunately, the kids wanted nothing to do with it.  Oh well!

Pumpkin Carving 2010

This year pumpkin craving was awesome!  I had the kids sit down at the table and draw out a picture of how they wanted their pumpkins to look.  They had great, do-able ideas!  Adam cut open the top, we sat the pumpkins on the kitchen floor and let the kids go at it.  They loved digging out all the pumpkin guts with their hands and spoons.  We then drew the faces they designed with marker, and gave them kid friendly knives.  We have this one from Pampered Chef, and it works great for carving pumpkins!!  When we were all done, we took the pumpkins outside to the front porch and lit them with flameless tea lights I picked up from Dollar Tree (2 pack for only $1). 

Indoor fun part 2!

This one was an Adam idea!  He used to do this all the time as a child and really thought the kids would have a blast.  And boy did they!  We took a thin sturdy book, taped a piece of computer paper to it.  Draw in a maze, this can be as simple of complex as you would like.  Wrap the book and paper in wax paper, and tape it down.  Hand it to the child and place a drop of water on the whole thing.  Have the child try to get the drop of water from the start to finish without letting the water droplet fall off the book.  They did this for about an hour straight, and didn't want to quit! 

Friday, November 5, 2010

A-B-C meme

I saw this on a friend's blog (Unlabeled Mama) and thought it would be fun to try.  Type the letter into your browser to see what comes up.

B- Blogger.com
C- craigslist.com
D- dollarstorecrafts.com
E- ebay
F- facebook
G- google
H- Hulu
J- St. Joesph County Library
K- This blog!
L- Lion brand yarn company
M- Muffin Tin Mom
N- Netflix
O- Notre dame staff email
P- People of wal-mart
Q- Kercher's orchard
R- Regretsy
S- Skip to my Lou
T- Totally Tots
U- Gmail
V- Fifth Third Bank (whom I hate!)
W- Walgreens
X- This book
Y- youtube.com
Z- Gmail again

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Today in the car:
L: (while looking through some books)  Mom, do you know who the illustrator is on this book?  I think it's the Cat in the Hat.
M:  Robert Lopshire
L:  REally??  I still think it's the cat!

At a craft day at the library:
L: (talking to an adult friend)  You know, I don't like tormados.  Not the kind you eat, but the ones that have an eye and make your house spin around!

While eating salmon, mashed potatos, broccoli, roasted pumpkin seeds, pomegranate seeds, and milk for dinner:
L: Now this is what I'm talking
Dad:  about?
L: Yeah!!!
(I gave the kids mummy hot dogs, mummy string cheese, monster apples, and pop for dinner the night before and they didn't eat it.)

Right now he and I have a slight cold and runny noses.
L: Mom, the snot is dropping out of my nose.  I need a tissue!

While driving through downtown Gary, Indiana on our way to my dad's house:

L:  These buildings look different then our city.
Dad: Why, what is different about them?
L: The buildings just look different.  We don't have a brick building like that one.  I hope our car doesn't die here.
M:  The car is fine, and we don't have anything to worry about here.

L:  Hey Jackie, the car is making a bubbling sound.  I think it's the radiator.  We need to go to Autozone!

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