Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Halloween 2014

Wow, has it really been a month since my last post? Is it really November already?? Where has this past year gone! I figured that I would recap all of our fun Halloween events in just one quick post.

While visiting Grandma and Grandpa's house one weekend with cousins, the kids were all allowed to head out to the garden and pick a pumpkin. My two were even allowed to use a drywall saw to cut the vine on their own. They all had fun searching for the perfect pumpkin.

We co-hosted/attending a Trunk or Treat with some of our oldest local friends (and some new ones as well). We have been doing this since 2009 with a handful of the same families and it is so much fun to look back over the pictures and see how they have all grown.

I finally got a madeleine pan and the first ones I needed to make were these candy corn cookies!

I taught L's class on how to draw 3-d pumpkins using chalk pastels, and discussing shadow, lines, shape, and color.

We went to Frightful Fridays at a local library. The kids had off that day due to Fall Break, so we put on our costumes and headed in for games, crafts, and trick or treating to some local businesses tables set up.

We had a fun Halloween party with Cub Scouts! Each den made a game to play, we did Frankensteins head filled with brains, eyes, and spiders in his mouth. I also made these brain cupcakes with blood filling. Most boys were too grossed out to try one, and I must say that shocked me.

I went out of town for the day and Adam took the kids to carve pumpkins at a local place downtown. They then got to head back after dark to see all the pumpkins lit up along the street and bring their own pumpkins home. We also carved the pumpkins we picked from Grandpa's garden. Those were tough little pumpkins and I thought for sure I was going to walk away with a knife in my hand. Thankfully they were finished without incident.

Halloween night brought with it high winds, a severe drop in temps to the 30's, and rain/snow during trick or treat hours. We still braved it, but only hit up about half the houses we normally visit. D was of course the first one to get cold and complain (even though I told her to wear warm items under her costume and only be told that she was fine).

And last but not least friends of ours had a Halloween/Housewarming party the day after Halloween. The kids were excited to go to a "grown up" party, and that most people understood their costumes. (L was Han Solo, and D was Black Widow) (also see: Chicago Comic Con) The kids did an amazing job of being well behaved, and carrying on conversations with a bunch of people they had just met. At one point they were in charge of getting everyone's vote for the costume contest. There were a few different categories, each one making their own, and they then asked each person for their vote. They took this as serious work.

They then had fun announcing the winners! (They won one of the prizes)

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