Thursday, June 2, 2011

summer crafts

We had been on a "homework"/craft slump.  After I was sick for basically a month, and then our short little vacation, I had no energy for crafts.  Now that things are back to normal, we are jumping right in again.  Today was the most fantastic weather we have had for a long time.  Not too hot or cold, not too sunny or rainy, just perfect.  I figured we would grab some paint and head out to the picnic table. 

We started with a coloring page of a boy at the beach, I had the kids color his skin with a white crayon (sunscreen) and then color the rest of the page.  When they were all done, we washed over his skin with red watercolor.  We pretended he was out in the sun way too long.  My favorite saying overheard while doing this.  L, "That poor kid!"

Next up was a booklet about the seasons.  The first page we dipped our pinkies in green paint for the buds on the tree, for summer we crushed up tissue paper for the flowers, fall was our thumb dipped in yellow paint for pears, and winter was a bare branch. 

We gathered the finger-painting paper and paints.  I mixed up some orange and yellow, and we went at it making fun swirls.  We let this dry and then in the afternoon cut suns out of them.

And lastly we made pink flamingos!  First we painted a paper plate pink (mixed white and red paint to get the right color). Let those dry all morning.  After naps we glued the pieces I had pre-cut for the kids to the plate.  I think they are super cute!

All these ideas and print outs came from, a teacher's magazine and website!

Our work drying on the line all morning
 Working really hard on coloring
 Look at all that pretty work!

 L traced and cut his sun out all by himself.  He was very proud!
 The seasons booklet before stapling.
 Making some cute flamingos!
 Our living room is starting to look like summer!


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