Friday, June 10, 2011

Gone Fishing

My kids LOVE to go fishing for real, but there never seems to be a good time to go.  So last month I picked up some donut magnets at a craft store here in town. Adam asked what I wanted to do with them, and I didn't have anything planned right away, but knew they would come in handy.  Well, cut to this week.  I had all my foam sheets out already because I was making fins for mermaid dolls (more on that next week!). Then it hit me, how about fish shapes out of the foam, and slide paper clips onto their "face" end! I'm sure I had seen this on some other blog before, but can't really remember where.  So I sat down, free handed a whole bunch of fish, put paper clips on, and had the kids get dressed.  The kiddie pool was still full of water, and was kind of dirty, so I figured it was the perfect location to go fishing in.  I was just planning on dumping the water out later that day anyway!  The kids and I scouted out 2 nice size sticks to act as fishing poles. Our backyard use to look like a forest, but since last summer had 5 trees removed.  Luckily we have had some bad storms lately, and trees around us are loosing sticks like crazy!  I have a ball of hemp twine that I used to tie the magnet to the sticks, and sent the kids off to the pool.  They had soooo much fun doing this.  I think we fished all the fish out about 4 times.  By the 4th time they were pretending to be in a competition with Tom and Jerry!

Afterwards we drained the pool of water, and clipped the fish to our art work drying line.  This made for a very fun morning, and I think I may add it to the fun games I have ready for L and D's birthday party this weekend!


So Incredibly Blessed said...

Hey, this is really cute!! I've gotta do this one :) L and D are adorable, and growing like crazy!

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