Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Birthday D! You are 4!

My baby turned 4 on the 16th. I was not ready for that. It seems like it was just yesterday (I know, how cliche!) that I gave birth to that spirited little bundle of joy! Quick run down on her birth. We had stayed up late Friday 15th setting up Adam's Myspace account (boy is that dated already!), and right before bed I felt a twinge. Nothing big really. Well, we got up at 7:30 the next morning, and as soon as I got moving around, there were very distinct contractions. Every 10-15 min. Okay, no big deal. 8:30 they were every 8-10 min. Hmmm, better call the in-laws to come get L since they lived 45 min away. Luckily they were already on their way up to visit with my sister-in-law. Okay, 9:30 the contractions are now every 5-7 min. Oh boy, family better get here, and we better be on our way to the hospital!!! Family arrives, they take off, and off we go to the hospital, which thankfully is only about 7 min away. On our way, the contractions are now every 1-3 min, and we get stopped in traffic to allow walkers to cross the busy street to get to an annual art fair, the hospital in sight. Pull in, and head to maternity. They take me to triage to determine if I really am in labor. I'm sure it is routine, but come on!!  There I sat for over an hour. They wait to give you an IV and pain meds until they get you in your delivery room. When I finally get in my delivery room, no one could get the IV in. I had been in so much pain, my veins shut down. They even called the IV team, and it took 4 people, multiple sticks all over my arms and hands to finally get the IV in. 2 hours!!!! In the meantime, I find out that my dr. whom I chose when we moved here just months prior was out of town, even though he promised he would be here. I have a bitter strange old woman dr. come to check me. She tells me, "well, we are going to break your water, and you will have a baby in 5 min". She was right! D was born just 5 min later! She has been in a hurry to grow up ever since. This baby was my last, and I was going to enjoy her babyhood. Well, she had other plans. Having a brother not quite a year older can do that I guess, but it is also her personality! She doesn't like taking no for an answer, she is stubborn, fiery, and wants to do it all herself. She will always take care of herself, but as the parent of said child, it can be tricky. But overall, I would not change her one bit!!!!

Happy birthday to my little girl whose name came to me in a dream 6 years before she was born, when I had just started dating her daddy. In my dream, Adam and I were holding hands with a cute little curly red-headed girl that we called D. We always knew you would join our family!

What she woke up to on her special day

 The girl just wanted to go bowling for her birthday.

 Homemade bubblegum and glitter play-doh. Thanks Counting Coconuts for the recipe!!!

 My handsome boys

 Fun with water

Here I come!!

Funfetti cake with bubblegum flavored frosting. She was in heaven!

Yummy cake!


So Incredibly Blessed said...

Adorable. Happy Birthday to your sweetie! Very creative cakes on your previous post too :) The kids look so happy!

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