Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer time fun

These last two days finally have been nice, warm days.  And looking at the weather forcast, it looks like it may be the only nice days for awhile again.  So yesterday morning, the kids and I headed outside for some fun.  Our backyard has been a mess this year.  Other then the rain constantly this season, we had a giant tree, and 4 mulberry trees taken down.  So now the yard is clean of trees, but has mulch and ruts in the yard.  Oh well, better then nothing.  The kids wanted to play with the sand and water table we bought last year.  Then on to the chalk.  They drew a trail of hearts leading me to 2 rainbows, one drawn by each child, just for me. 

Then today we spent the morning at the park with friends, headed to Target and picked up a new sprinkler.  So as soon as we got home, they insisted that we HAD to get the new sprinkler out.  After a little while out with that, we came in and got cleaned up.  The last part of the day we headed over to our local library to make pinwheels.  What a fantastic few days!  We can't wait to see what the rest of the summer has to offer.

Proud of the sand castle they made
 I planted flowers by the play house so the D could have her very own flower garden.  She has taken it very seriously!
 The path of hearts!
 A rainbow over water, some hearts, a sun, and MOM
 New sprinkler!


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