Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy Birthday L! You are 5!!

My little boy turned 5 on the 20th! This is so crazy for me to even think about. He is a big boy now, and will be starting school in the fall. I don't know if I am ready for that. When Adam and I got married back in 2004, we knew we wanted children right away, and we knew that we only wanted 2. It didn't faze us if we had both boys, both girls, or one of each! We also knew that the odds were in favor of both boys, since his family for a few generations now are mostly boys.  Well we found out we were pregnant the day after Adam ran his first marathon, and the day we received 2 foreign exchange students that didn't speak 1 word of English. I knew right away, this was going to be interesting. We went through tons while waiting for this sweet boy to make his appearance. Finally it was Father's day 2006. His due date. I had a Dr. appointment on that Friday before, and they said there was no sign of labor yet, then the next day we spent in the hospital because I hadn't felt him move for a few hours. (Paranoid, yes! It was our first baby, and you just don't know things then.) So Sunday we had a cookout for Adam's parents and my dad for father's day. When everyone left, my mother-in-law stopped me and said, "Sometimes you just need some company over to help get things going." Little did we know, but that was the truth. About a half hour later, I started to feel some contractions. Not knowing what they really were, I just thought they were Braxton Hicks. I had never had any of those, so just chalked it up to that. They were really all over the place. But they kept going all through the night, and getting stronger the next day. When Adam got home from work at 5:30 that Monday, he demanded we go to the hospital just to check things out. We didn't even take the overnight bag because we thought it was nothing. Silly us! By 6:00 I was checked into the hospital and told I was in labor. Now the contractions were still all over the place and not really regulating at all. It would be every 45 min, then 4 min, then 30 min, then 17.

We called my brother-in-law Travis to bring the bag for us. The nurses told me that I wasn't leaving until I had this baby. I got a little freaked out when I heard that. I didn't think I was ready for this. But Adam stayed by my side all through the night. The next morning, they gave me pitocin. Yuck! It just made the contractions stronger but not regular. So I broke down and got an epidural. The Dr. that put it in was extremely mean!!!! They made me get up and go to the bathroom before he would give it to me. Well while in there I had the worse contraction yet! Plus I started to freak out about getting it in the first place. The Dr. starts yelling at me saying that if I don't hurry up, then he is leaving. He was screaming at all the nurses too! I come out and sit on the bed. He then yells at me because I had a large mole on my back where he wanted to put the epidural. He says that is he had a knife and time he would have just sliced it right off.  I was NOT liking him!!! The epidural ended up not working at all for me. They even came in and upped the dosage, but still nothing. I was feeling everything!

By 1pm, my Dr. came in to check me. I was still making slow progress.  She told me to lay on my left side and that if we didn't make any progress by 1:30, they were going to have to do an emergency C-section. That scared me even more.  So I made sure I moved to my left. Well within 5 min of that, I felt the need to push, but didn't know that was what it was. The nurse came in, took one look at my face, and called everyone in right away!  Within 10 min, L was born to a room full of nurses. I had been there so long that EVERYONE came to cheer me on!

They took him over to clean up right away, and the nurse yelled, "Oh my, who has red hair!!!" We got a nice laugh at that, but then they rushed him out of the room. I was too exhausted to realize what was happening. A min. later, a Dr. called on the room phone. She said that L was having a difficult time breathing, and they needed to take him to NICU to hook him up. I asked if I could hold him before they took him. She agreed because it wasn't too bad. They brought him back just long enough for Adam and I to hold him and take one picture. About 5 min later, the Dr. called again. They said that as soon as they hooked him up, he had a great big cough, and was fine. They kept him there for 3 hours just to make sure. Adam went down to check on him and brought me back a Polaroid picture. All I could see were giant hands and feet on such a little baby! 

Baby L in Daddy's glasses
We ran into the Weinermobile on our way for donuts on L's birthday.

They let us inside when I told them it was his birthday and all our plans got rained out.

He was very excited to get a real tool box with real tools in it!

Cute Father/Son time!

L has been asking every day, sometimes twice, if we can make a giant donut ever since my mom brought the pan over!


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