Friday, June 10, 2011

Party Time!

It is almost time for both of my children to celebrate the start of a new age. Some of you reading this blog already know this, but some of you don't. My children were due the same day  a year apart. Planned that way, nope, talented, sure! But both were loved from the beginning. That being said, every year they are the same age for 4 days. Kinda crazy right? So to save money and time, we have one party for the two of them, since their birthday's are typically in the same week.  When asked about a month ago, what they would like for a theme, L didn't hesitate at all! WILD KRATTS!!!! Now if you are not familiar with this, it may be because it is a mostly animated show on PBS for kids brought to you by the Kratt brothers. Now you might say, hmmmm...that name does sound a little familiar.  That would be because you probably grew up (or a younger sibling did) watching Zoboomafoo! L has become a bit, shall we say, obsessive about this show ever since the first episode back in Jan. He actually cries if we are out and he has to miss it, even though we have watched every episode many many times!

D on the other hand, has changed what her theme would be so many times over the last 3 months, we had to tell her that after that day, she could not change it at all. I tired to get her to have a rainbow, or art party, or maybe even Hello Kitty. But alas, she chose mermaids. No not Little Mermaid, just plain old mermaids. Now, when brought to my children's attention that both of these would be a little difficult to do since there is little to no party stuff for either theme, what I heard back was, "That's okay mom, We can just make it.  That's what we do, right?" Okay, so now being crafty is coming back to bite me in the bud....

We had L choose his favorite Wild Kratts episode, which happened to be the forest one where Chris turns into a squirrel and Martin turns into a tree. So we ran with it. We chose a blue and green theme for plates, napkins, and decorations since it will go with both. Now, L insists we need to have Creature Power Suits, and daddy gladly complies.  More on that after the party!

For the girls coming to the mermaid party, I found these adorable mermaid dolls.  And what luck, I had everything already in the house!!! So easy to whip up! For invites, I found some really nice computer paper at Dollar Tree! I will also be using the same paper to make tags for all the food at the party.  I made up the cards very simply, and knew the kids would want to help. L wrote Wild Kratts on each of his cards, and D drew a mermaid on hers. D started by making such pretty mermaids, but I think got tired and just wanted to be done. The end result didn't look so much like a mermaid as it did a blobby monster. 

The treat bags themselves were just simple white paper sacks picked up at Hobby Lobby, which we did put each kid's name on along with a fun drawing. The boys will be receiving a glow bracelet, stack able crayons, tree frog pencil, a star straw, and ocean gummy candies. They will each get their own Creature Power Suit at the party as well.  The girls are each getting a mermaid doll, glow bracelet, ocean gummy candies, shell necklace, and a glittery pencil.  I have tons more to show, but you are going to have to wait until next week.  We have tons of party prep left to go. I have one cake done, and the other can't be finished until the morning of the party. So until then....see you on the creature trail!

 Pretty little mermaids all painted up
 Now with fins!
 The hair all ready to go

 The finished girls. I was so very happy with how these turned out!

 One of the boy treat bags

Girl treat bags

The invites!


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