Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bird Watching Day

A little while back I had signed my moms group up to participate in a country wide study of urban birds for The Cornall Lab of Ornithology. They sent us great packets for all the kids.  We just had to go watch the birds for 10 min.  And when I saw a few of my favorite blogs making binoculars, I just had to include that in our fun bird watching day!

To make the binoculars:
2 toilet paper tubes
construction paper
hole puncher
glue stick
masking tape

First you are going to cover each tube with colorful paper.  Then cut a narrow stripe of paper to secure the two tubes together.  We had the kids glue it all together, but found out that a little masking tape did a much better job! After you have the whole thing put together, punch a hole on each side and tie the yarn through the hole.  Then let the kids go wild decorating the binoculars with stickers or markers!

 The kids had fun making these, but sometimes got frustrated with the glue.

 Working very hard!

We did spend our 10 min. looking for birds, but only saw 1.  We could hear a ton, just didn't see them.

Books that we read:
Feathers for Lunch by Lois Ehlert
Bird Talk by Ann Jonas


Lori said...

That is seriously too cute! I love the homemade binoculars. Thanks for sharing your link on Montessori MOMents' FB page. It was great to see your blog. I love it.

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