Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wedding Bells

I have been a bit MIA lately because my sister-in-law got married last weekend. It has been a super busy weekend, and we have spent this last week just trying to recover. It started Friday afternoon, with a luncheon for the bridesmaids, moms, and us sister-in-laws. It was really nice to have a good meal without kids, and to be dressed nice for a change. Then Friday night was the rehearsal dinner, Adam was an usher so we needed to be there. Great food once again! Saturday morning, the moms group did the March of dimes walk. 4 miles, 4 water stations, and no pottys! And on our way back to the car, the rain came. Got home just in time to have lunch and get ready to go. Get to the church and then the reception. D met one of the other kids at the wedding. When it came time to dance they "slow" danced. It was super cute, they held hands, and spun in a circle. D was leading! I guess we know who wears the pants already! We had to leave a little early because L came down with a fever and was sluggish. Sunday morning was a brunch. Sunday evening we had company for dinner. By Sunday night we had to take L to the ER. Adam took him and 5 hours later we find out that it was nothing. Well it turns out it was seasonal allergies. Wow, I'm tired all over again just writing everything down.

I forgot to mention that when we left D told us that the boy was her boyfriend and that she was going to marry him. Great! What is going to happen when she gets a little older.

D with her flowers

The wedding cake

Brunch the next morning. They had pictures of all the parents and grandparents at their weddings.


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