Monday, April 6, 2009

Indoor fun!

We went to a play date at my friend Sarah's house this morning. She had a large bowl of play-doh and play-doh paraphernalia sitting on her kitchen table. Some of the kids saw this and climbed up to the table to explore. Right there were my kids. They have gotten to play with the stuff in the past but it always ends with them eating it. But today was different! They loved it and had a blast. So it was time to pull out the stuff I bought. I had gotten this really great organic brand from our health food store, which unfortunately went out of business, on sale. It's called Over the Rain Dough and I love it! We took it out right after naps and I think it went well. I got out some of my easier to use cookie cutters and plastic knives. They worked fantastic!

D playing with a gingerbread man we made.

L working what looks like a pile of poop

My shapes. I had a blast!

Over the Rain Dough, this was mint, peach, and cinnamon scent

What fun!

Hurray, a project that wasn't a huge mess!


Michelle said...

Looks like fun! The smelly dough sounds really cool. I'm sure it would have inspired my daughter even more to eat it.

Tiffany said...

Wow looks like that had a blast! Zilla hasn't eaten any play doh YET but I don't let him play with it mainly because of all of the mess he normally makes - don't want to tempt him!

I saw on a website/blog a receipe to make your own playdoh. I can't remember the site at this very moment but I will look on the desktop and see if I can find it for you.

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