Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The May Calendar

Here is our calendar for the month of May so far:

1-may day basket play date
2-Sesame street live
Dad's night in poker
3-mom and daughter tea party
Scrapbook night
4-pet play date
organizer meeting at Barnes and Noble
5-Dr. appointment for Kelly
cinco de mayo dinner
6-family dinner night at Between the Buns
9-mom's spa day
10-mother's day
11-curious George play date
13-park play date
14-story time at Barnes and Noble
15-may birthday party and bake sale drop off
16-river park parade and great American bake sale
17-my dad's birthday
18-play-doh play date
book club?
19-music play date at Rum Village Park
20-mall play date
21-recipe swap
book club
22-mom's night out
23-ice cream social
25- memorial day
26-Dr. appointment for Kelly
28-Barnes and noble story time

Thankfully there aren't things on every day of the calendar this month. Much more wiggle room, but lots of fun things to do!


Queen Cynequa said...

...Nequa's bday on May 10. :D

I love all you're doing, Woman! I feel we should do something to keep us so connected... you have not only been one of my greatest best friends in this life & sweetest experiences, Person to Person, thus far, but I feel we should be doing something together.

Woman to Woman. Sista to Sista. Ya know? I'd suggest a reading circle, but you already book club, We'll see...

Peace Mama.

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