Sunday, April 5, 2009

The aftermath

This is what happens after visiting with Grammy for the day. We head out to her house at 9 am our time and drive the hour and a half drive there. We change time zones, get to her house and the kids just snack all day (at least they are mostly healthy snacks these days). They don't take naps, and never have over at Grammy's house. By 4 pm our time, they are spent. Getting them into the car at the end of the day is atrocious! Tears, screaming, fights, swinging, and more. And just a measly 5 min down the road I always look back to see this! It's so nice and quiet, the only problem is that I'm beat myself and we have another hour and a half drive home. I make sure that I have my toll money out, the car full of gas, and a drink and snack for the long ride home. We do this once a week.


Mommy said...

Aww, they look so peaceful!

Joyce said...

Oh how I wish my kids would sleep in the car. It doesn't matter how tired they are, they will not sleep. We once woke the Big One up at 5 a.m. hoping she'd go back to sleep right away. Instead she screamed for 8 hours in the car. UGH!

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