Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our 25 days of Christmas!

So the hubby and I were flipping channels the other day and caught a couple on Oprah saying that for the 12 days of Christmas they make sure they do things together whether that be a date night out or staying in and baking cookies together. Adam looked at me and said that he thinks we should do a project together every day until Christmas. We may have to get creative some days, but I think it sounds like fun. So far we made a paper chain for the tree, an advent calendar for the kids out of paper, and a pumpkin pie. We actually missed yesterday and started this a few days early.

We missed yesterday because in the morning when we went to take him to work the car was dead. We have been having a problem with the car starting on wet days because the distributor cap and rotor need to be replaced, and so with all the cranking on the battery to get it going, it drains the battery. So Adam rode his bike to work in the snow/sleet weather, had his brother pick him up from work, and they took the battery to Wal-mart (where we bought it). They said that it will hold a charge and that they will recharge it, the only thing was that they were closing and he needed to go back this morning! So home they came, Adam had to walk to his sister's house this morning at 6:30 in the snow, borrow her car, head to Wal-Mart, to find out they didn't charge the stupid thing, wait 30 min. for them to do it, come home and head to work. Luckily he did stick the battery in the car and thankfully it does work now. He will pick up a distributor cap and rotor tonight and hopefully install them this week.

Sorry to get off topic, but that is why we missed last night. On top of all that, both kids came down with a horrible cold! What a start to the week! As soon as I take pictures of the things we did already I will post them, and every day I will try to post what we did for the 25 days of Christmas!


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