Monday, December 22, 2008

These last few days.

Let's see, where did I leave off....
Adam got home from his Dad's night out just after midnight with 2 new fruits for us to try. What ever you do do not try these!! They were awful!!! We tried a star fruit and a kiwano. I've included pictures so that you can stay away from them. Yuck!!!

Friday: We had Ben over for dinner again. After he left we went to town making 3 loaves of beer bread, and more of the cookies that needed to be made.

Saturday: More beer bread and cookie making. The mom's group that I am a part of had a kids holiday party at one of the other mom's houses. They were looking for a Santa so I volunteered Adam since he has done it before. I didn't think it would be a problem since my kids are only 1 1/2 and 2 1/2, but I was wrong. It was a great party, and Santa brought all the kids books. Adam had ducked away to go change. When he entered the room, D took one look at him (in complete costume!) and said, Hi Daddy!! L came running in and said that's not Santa that's Daddy. He and I then had an argument over whether or not that was Daddy or Santa. He gave up and started to call him Daddy Santa. It was pretty cute, but I didn't want him to somehow ruin it for all the other kids.

Sunday: Finished making the chocolate biscotti, and Adam got the brilliant idea to make candied orange peel candy. It was his family Christmas party over at his mom and dad's house. It was tons of fun and all the food and gifts were fantastic! The kids did really well, opened every present, were excited about everything, and told everyone thank you. I was really impressed with how well they did. They did however get a little wound up from all the sugar in cookies. I try to limit how much they have, but the goodies were all at hand level for the kids. I told L numerous times to not eat anymore, but being the smart 2 year old that he is, he got other people to get them for him!

L and D in front of Grandma and Grandpa's tree

Adam's candied orange peels, boy are they yummy!

Our Christmas card picture, it's not a good one, but it's them!!

The kiwano

a star fruit!


Tiffany said...

Yeah that fruit doesn't look very tastey at all. I'm not huge on new things so I probably wouldn't have stumbled onto them anyway but thanks for the warning jsut in

Cute about Daddy Santa! We don't do Santa at our house so luckily we won't have that problem. How on earth did you make the orange peel things? My grandmother does orange juice like crazy from her tree so she always has tons of peels.

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