Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day 17 and 16: Paper kites

Silly me! It just dawned on me that because we started this a few days early that there will be more than 25 days. Oh well!

Day 17: Adam and I made play kites for the kids out of the paper we printed the other day. We had a good time! It didn't take long but the kids are having fun playing with them. The idea came to me when they were watching Clifford the other day and the dogs were playing with kites. L kept saying that he needed a kite, so the idea was formed.

Day 16: We just snuggled on the couch for 1 hour watching the news. It was fantastic! We have not done that in a very long time. It had been a rough day for me with the kids, and I was just beat! So I needed it very badly.

D's kite in the tree

L's kite in the tree

close up

The kids playing

If you would like to know how we made anything over these last few days, just leave me a comment letting me know and I can always put the directions on here.


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