Saturday, December 6, 2008

Day 20 and shoppig with Santa

Day 20: Adam and I made spritz cookies! We have tried this so many times and this is the first year that it actually worked right. We were very happy. Now if you don't know what spritz cookies are they are basically a light sugar cookies that is squeezed out of a cookie gun in different shapes onto the cookie sheet. I know what you are saying, that doesn't sound too hard, well it is! You need to have the dough chilled, you need the right pressure on the gun, and you need to have the right thickness of a cookie for it to all come out right. We decided to use almond extract instead of the lemon that it calls for and we sprinkled sanding sugar over the top of them for fun. They turned out fantastic! They taste a lot like a madeline cookie if you know what that is.

Shopping with Santa: A local church just down the alley from us sent us an invitation to shop with Santa. It was great fun! They had adult helpers that took the kids shopping for mommy, daddy, and siblings while mommy and daddy went downstairs to shop for the kids and home goods. They had tons to choose from and had everything set up according to age group. D freaked out of course when the nice lady wanted to take her shopping, but L was like sure, I'll go with you stranger! Where to! I picked out a baby doll for D, and a truck with blocks for L. They also had books, movies, little toys for stocking stuffers, home decor, a candy. It was great. We then went up stairs to see the big man. As soon as D say him she was yelling, Hi Santa! But once we got over to him she really freaked out. It was alright from a distance, or as long as daddy held her. And Santa was a trooper. I felt bad because D was kicking with her boots on so I know that had to hurt. L came running back in after shopping and getting his presents wrapped. The adult helper picked out things for D to give us, and while they were being wrapped L got to play in the nursery. When he came back, as soon as he saw Santa, he ran over and climbed into his lap. It was very cute. Santa gave each kid a gift bag filled with age appropriate things. When we got home L told daddy that he got Christmas for him and wants to wait to open them. That just melted our hearts!

We got 3 cookie sheets full

A close up shot

Being silly

My artist hubby wanted to get an artsy shot

I have my mom's old cookie gun from when I was little. I has a tag on it from True Value!

Checking to see if they are done

Poor Little Miss D

The pacifier didn't even help

L saying cheese on Santa's lap


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