Thursday, December 18, 2008

Day 8 and 7

Day 8: Last night Adam and I had a foreign movie night. There was leftover red wine, brie cheese, and crusty bread from the other night so we had that and watched a Juliette Binoche film. Now we normally like her films, but this one was a stinker. It was extremely boring, yet we sat through the entire thing. Oh well! The cheese, and wine were good at least.

Day 7: Today was a long day. The kids and I headed out to my mom's house. We came home to get Adam from work and headed over to AT&T to get my free upgrade for my phone. It is really important to get this upgrade because we use this phone as our normal phone, and the battery sucks and barely stays charged. We walked in and the workers greeted us and said that someone will be right with us. There were 5 workers there and 2 customers beside us. After 15 min. a guy walks over to give us some promotional info and I told him that we just wanted our free upgrade. He laughed and walked away. We sat for another 5 min and still no one came to help us. So we left. That is just ridiculous! Adam headed out for a dad's night out. He has some Christmas shopping left to do and he needs to get out some. So I finished wrapping all the gifts from us and the man in red, and I finished making the apple butter presents. So now I'm off to bed to read a little and wait for Adam to get home.

Our film snack!


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