Sunday, December 7, 2008

Day 19: Playing games

Day 19: Adam and I played 2 games of checkers and 2 games of Jenga. It was fun, and it made my brain hurt. The last time I think I played checkers was when I was in high school playing my brother who was in middle school. No need to really think. Not so when playing games with Adam. He takes everything very seriously so that means I really have to think. The games of checkers was really intense and was a very close call both times. He won the first and I won the second. Then we moved on to Jenga. The first game was really awesome! We got it 26 levels high, and most of the bottom was only 1 piece left. I ended up tipping it after some really crazy moves by the both of us. The second game didn't last as long, because Adam made a really nuts choice and toppled the entire thing relatively soon. Overall it was a blast.

Car update: Adam went this morning and picked up a starter. It took him 4 hours but he changed it all by himself. I am so proud of him. He has now changed the radiator and the starter in our car in the past few months. Not bad considering our 1998 Honda CRV has hit over 210,000 miles!! We do still need to replace the distributor cap, but the part store was out of them right now. When he takes the old starter in and gets a refund on part of it, we can pick up the cap then. Thank goodness! Hopefully that is all that needs to be done for the time being. Cross your fingers for us!

And here is a funny anecdote from L: I was in the kitchen making a pumpkin cheesecake when he came running to the gate at the door. He asked what I was making and I told him it was a pumpkin cheesecake. He told me no that I was making a muffin pie! It was too cute since he must have remembered helping me make the muffins the other day.

Our crazy Jenga

The artsy shot!

Me toppling it over and putting it back


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