Monday, December 8, 2008

Day 18: Hand puppets

Day 18: Adam and I made hand puppets out of brown lunch bags and construction paper. They turned out really cute. I made a kitty and piggy, and Adam made a fish and a lion. Of course Adam's are way better than mine, but that's what I get for marrying a artist! (He also reminded me that he taught art to kindergarten through 8th grade!) We had a ton of fun and this morning when the kids came downstairs they spotted them instantly! Although L first called them monsters and then presents. He has been having fun playing with them. He actually had piggy sneeze, asked me for a tissue for him, made him blow his nose, and wipe. Can you tell we have had the evil cold a few times this year?? D has just been kicking them around the living room. Oh well!

Car update: So Adam changed the starter in the car all by himself and that was what was wrong!! Thank goodness, we have a car again. It's no fun having a broken car, it's really no fun when all you have is that one car. It took him almost 4 hours, but he did it. Hurray! I added pictures of his hands after so you can see what the result was. Remember it was a high of 25 degrees that day too!! I was good and brought him a cup of hot soup while he was working. And I shoveled the driveway so that he didn't have to. Am I good or what?

Adam very happy to be done


The puppets and the mess

Adam's creations

My creations

I even made tails!!


HorribleLicensePlates said...

Those paperbag animals are so cute!! Good work! Now I will have to try some myself...

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