Saturday, May 16, 2015

Mother's day fun

I woke up on Mother's day to hand made cards and little gifts from the kids and a beautiful orchid from Adam. We then got dressed and after a bit of a miscommunication, ended up at a nice little place with no wait for brunch.

After brunch, we headed home for a family movie on the couch. We introduced the kids to National Treasure, and they LOVED it!!! They have already asked to watch the second one now. 

After working temporarily for The History Museum,  I have really really wanted to do a tour of the Copshaholm Mansion that was once owned by the Oliver Family. I have always loved history, and actually have a History Degree. I also have loved architecture, and interior design, having once studied those both in Chicago for a time, so this was just perfectly up my alley. Unfortunately the timing while I was working there just didn't sync up with the tour times. So Adam decided that we were going for Mother's day. It was the perfect choice. Even the kids were excited to go. We had been at the Museum on that Friday as well to watch Night at the Museum while at the Museum, so we just couldn't get enough of it that weekend.

At one point D exclaimed that she wanted to have a house like this one. She sure has big dreams.

I only wish I had a kitchen the size of this one. Amazing!!

The museum also has a really neat history of transportation exhibit going on. There was a sign encouraging us to take #spaceselfies. We just needed to do that!

And of course the kids had to leave their mark on the giant board at the end.
We finished the day off with pizza, root beer floats, and fun tv shows!


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