Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A day with the South Bend Cubs

Once again, both kids earned a free ticket to the local baseball home game. There is a special school day, where everyone from our school gets to go. So we started out our day with a little game of catch.

How did she get so grown-up?

The kids were super excited to play on the playground, and in the splash pad. The weather was nice and warm and sunny, but not so hot that we couldn't enjoy being outside. They were both back to being dry by the time we headed back to the seats.

Over this past year, the team has become an affiliate of the Chicago Cubs. They are now the South Bend Cubs, no longer the Silverhawks. This was a sad sight as we walked around the stadium!

Happy family ready for the game to begin!

I tweeted this picture at them during the game and it ended up on the big screen. D now says we are famous!

Very happy to meet the new mascot!

During the last inning, the kids wanted to head over to the other side of the stadium and hang out of the grass. L was so hoping to catch a foul ball, but sadly never did. We had an absolute blast and can't wait to go back!


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