Thursday, March 5, 2015

An exciting new opportunity

About a month ago, a friend contacted me with an idea. The Children's program director of the Kidsfirst Museum was pregnant and needing to go on maternity leave, they needed someone to cover. She thought of me. I was super excited but a bit nervous. Could I work during the week outside of the house? Would this be possible? Adam asked one question, Would I enjoy doing it? My answer was of course I would. I would get to do story and craft time 2 days a week, and be in charge of keeping the museum together. I have since been asked to help when school groups come in as well. I am now almost through my first week, and I have to say, I LOVE it! It is exactly what I needed for now, and am happy to fill in for as long as needed.

I did want to share some of the really amazing things we have going on in the museum. Everything is hands-on and interactive.

There is a canoe and wigwam for the kids to experience.

A fishing spot and cooking fire

A horse barn, blacksmith shop, trading post, and 1 room school house for the kids to explore. And for the little ones, a dollhouse and play farm.

One of the coolest things is a Conestoga covered wagon for the kids to climb in!

And last but not least, a log cabin to see how they lived back then.

We have story and craft time every Monday and Friday at 10:45, and here are the ideas we get to do this month!

I am so very excited for this chance to do something so fun and perfectly fit to what I love to do. So, thank you!


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