Friday, May 15, 2015

A perfect day for a nature hike

These past 2 weeks we have had tons of rain! Both kids had hiking field trips planned for the same week, and I was on board to go with both. D's trip ended up getting rained out, and our guide is booked for the rest of the school year. She was a bit bummed, so Adam and I decided to take the family to Potato Creek for a family hike. We love it here, so many things to do! There was a birthday party to attend later that day, so we packed the car, made a lunch, and took off. Of course on our way, less than 10 min from the park, the rains came again. Total downpour. Undeterred, we headed in anyway. The plan was to go straight to the Nature Center and hope the rain ends shortly.

While in the Nature Center, they had a giant viewing area with a bunch of bird feeders. The kids loved watching all the different types of birds and are getting pretty good at identification. Then an adorable little raccoon popped up from a step down by the feeders. Both kids took all the animal pictures themselves, and had fun trying to get the picture.

When we were done, headed outside and discovered that the rain had stopped. Hurray!! We sat on the benches in front of the Nature Center to eat, used the rest rooms, and then headed off on a short nature hike. It was muddy at times, but the rain brought the humidity down and made it a great day for the hike. It is mushroom season, so we saw a number of signs of hunters, and people out themselves.

These kids do great on hikes, and love pointing out different plants, animals, and trees. They sure are nature lovers!


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