Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall Library Fun! September

As many of you know, either by talking to me in real life or reading the blog over the years, we LOVE the library!!!! We are so very lucky to have 2 amazing library systems. They are always hosting free functions for the entire family, monthly book sales, free meeting rooms, and a huge selection of books, movies, music, and magazines. We did tons of fun activities over the summer through the summer reading program, and now they have some amazing fall age appropriate events as well. This year, since the kids are older, we have been able to sign up for the Magic Tree House Reading Club, a Science Club, and L gets to go to a Lego Club. All these are free and occur just 1 per month!

The month of September we read Midnight On the Moon. They got to watch the youtube video of the first man on the moon, and then they made craters. The librarians had 2 tubs full of flour. The kids each got to pick a ball of various sizes and materials, and drop straight down into the flour.

What they were left with looked just like craters on the moon!!

L had his first Lego club in September. He was very excited to see some old friends, and meet some new friends. They were split into groups, and allowed to build whatever it was they wanted. They also had some Lego themed books out for check out, and taught them the rules to follow that spelled out the word LEGO.

We also have signed up for a fun Science Club. In September we explored how and why leaves change colors. The librarians had tons of different leaves laid out on the table. They started out by having each kid tear up a leaf into tiny pieces and then grind it up in a mortar and pestle. They added it to some rubbing alcohol and put it in a water bath. Later they added some litmus paper to see the colors make their way up.

They also had a microscope set up with various leaves on slides for them to explore. They also did a fun craft that we had done in the past. They painted a tree with a brush, and then using a q-tip, painted leaves in fall colors on the trees.

And last but not least, a Fancy Nancy Tea Party!


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