Monday, October 21, 2013

2013 Rain Gutter Regatta

We are well underway of our 2nd year of Cub Scouts, and we have learned a few tricks for our second rain gutter regatta. Adam and L took some time looking at pontoon boats on the web and studying the way they are shaped. They then got to work shaping and sanding the wood. L then picked out the color and got to work painting. He insisted it had to have a spider on the sail, and luckily enough, after digging through our sticker bin, found the perfect spider sticker. We also learned that it works best if the sail if hot glued into place. That way it doesn't spin while the boy is blowing on it during the race. (We also learned this year that having the sail the closest to the bottom of the boat causing it not to tip over during the race as well.)

A very happy boy to place 2nd in his den. Last year he was 5th!

He was then able to race in the finals. They took the top 2 from each den. He didn't win any of the top places, but did get a finalist medal.

He was over the moon to have a medal this year!


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