Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Science Central Ft. Wayne

I remembered seeing this really neat science place on our first trip to Ft. Wayne, and wanted to take the kids back to it. I brought it up to a friend, and she agreed to come with! We looked on the Science Central website, and were really excited about the fun things they appeared to have.

We headed out for the day, but along the way we had to pull over so D could throw up, even though she had her motion sickness pill. Then all 4 kids, who normally get along, fought over what movie to watch in the car. Waiting in line for lunch at McDonald's was tough, and super busy. We felt like we were never going to get there.

We finally arrived, and were disappointed to find that some of the big displays were only open at certain times, but the times that were posted were not the times they were going by. I asked around, but it seemed that the workers couldn't really answer my questions.
We then were disappointed to find that our kids were deemed to small to go on a large slide that was equal to that of an indoor play area. We also discovered that they were too small to ride the large balance bike. The lady working the moon bounce was not doing it properly, and therefore none of the kids really got to feel like they were walking on the moon.

One of the cool things was that they did do a demonstration and D got picked to help. All the kids really enjoyed this part of the day.

We did spend a few hours there, but I don't know if we will go back. Our kids, aged 7-5, were the perfect age for the majority of the displays there, but were too small to do them. I feel like the older kids that are the correct size would be bored out of their minds going there for the day. Oh well, we always like an adventure and to try new things.


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