Friday, November 18, 2011

Fall tree craft take 2

This is another pinterest craft that I found months ago. I just couldn't wait to do this. I plan on using this method for making a tree for each season and then hang them all up together. This was super easy.
Supplies needed:
brown paint
red paint
yellow paint
orange paint
small paint brush
paper plate

I squeezed the paint onto a paper plate for each child. You don't need much paint, and little puddle will do. I used the small paint brush and showed the kids how to paint the trunk and some small branches on the paper. (I did cover the coffee table with newspaper to protect it) We then used 1 q-tip per color. I showed them how to dip it in the paint, and then dab it on the paper. I did draw a shape around the tree and branches to give them a guide on where to put the spots. We even added a few falling off the tree. Both the kids and I had fun doing this, and like I said, I plan on doing this for each season. I figure for winter, use a blue paper and white paint for snow, spring use pink paint for blossoms, and for summer green paint for leaves.

All 3 trees
 L's tree
 D's tree
 My fall tree. Very happy with how it turned out!


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