Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Cub Scout Camp at The Cove

When L was in kindergarten, he saw that the Cub Scouts get to camp out on the field of a local baseball team. That was it, he was determined to join in First grade! So here we are a year after joining, and I am excited to post about him actually getting to do the camp out this past summer.

For little more than the normal price of admission, on the Cub Scout day we get special perks. The boys get to parade on the field before the game, sit with their pack during the game, and watch fireworks after the game. Then the entire stadium empties out, and the people with the wrist bands are allowed back in with camping gear. We are allowed to set up tents on the turf but can not stake them down. After setting up tents, we were given popcorn and water while we watched Wreck It Ralph on the big screen! In the morning, we were given doughnuts and orange juice.

What an amazing experience and we look forward to doing it again next summer!

Sadly the night we were going it was cold and rainy, but we toughed it out!


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