Thursday, September 26, 2013

Last day at the Zoo

We have lived pretty much in walking distance of our local zoo almost the entire time we have lived here. And we have been very lucky that my Dad has bought us the family zoo membership for the kid's birthday present nearly every year. We opted to not get the membership this year. The kids are getting bigger, and I think are becoming slightly bored with our zoo due to the fact that we used to go almost daily when they were little.  And now with both kids in school, we just don't go as often, even over summer vacation. So a few of our friends got together for one last hurrah of the zoo before our membership expired. On this trip I let them do things that I normally would say no to.

Want to pet the goats? Sure, go right ahead!

Want to see the butterfly exhibit? Of course we can!

Want to get on the turtle one last time? Yes, please do!


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