Thursday, September 26, 2013

Exploring a new city

I have lived in this current city now for 61/2 years, and we see commercials for little shops in a nearby town. I have always wanted to head there, but it just seemed like so far away, 20 min (insert eye roll here).  So this year on our summer bucket list, I added explore a new city with this one in mind. We brought along my mom for the fun, a picnic lunch, and a list of places we wanted to try to see.  With the help of little Indiana, I found a few places I would not have known about.

Our first stop was to Grandma's Pantry. This was such a neat place! An Amish run shop that sells bulk of pretty much any food stuffs you can think of for a good price. I plan on heading back down before the holiday baking season to stock up. They also have amazing bakery items that them make there. I highly recommend a stop there.

Next up was a stop at the Wakarusa Dime Store, home of the Jumbo Jelly Bean! They had tons of fun things to see here. From vintage candies, novelties, jelly beans of all sizes, and every salt water taffy flavor you can imagine! The staff was super friendly, understanding (think 2 hyped up kids), and generous with the samples. Luckily we have a store up here now as well, but there is just a certain fun atmosphere at the original store!
To cap off our visit, we discovered a cute little park around the corner from the downtown area. We got out our picnic lunch and then let the kids run off that sugar high!


herlinda jennings said...

Yup it is pretty fun going to the small shops in close by towns. what was the name of the park? We recently tore down our kids swing set and need to find a fun close by park. We live in the Goshen area and I am always trying to see what events are nearby. Last weekend we headed to the Nappanee Apple Festival....we loved the pancake and sausage breakfast!

Hippie Mama Kelly said...

I am not sure what the park name was, but it was right downtown Wakarusa. Very cute little town. I need to head to Goshen to explore as well!! We love little town festivals as well! Thanks for the comment!!

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