Thursday, September 19, 2013

Epic Vacation!

We took our first major family vacation this summer and it turned out to be a giant road trip! Adam's brother and wife live in North Carolina and rented 2 beach houses on Emerald Isle for the entire family to come out. Nearly everyone on that side of the family made it! We had bought a new to us, reliable car back in March, so we thought it would be the perfect thing for a road trip. Adam and I have not shied away from trips like this before, in fact we drove from Indiana to San Fran on our honeymoon! We broke the trip out into 2 days, the first day we drove from Indiana to Knoxville Tennessee and then the second day we drove from Knoxville all the way to the coast off of North Carolina.

The kids were very excited about going on a long car trip. We had talked about it for months before we left and I stocked up on fun stuff for them to do over the previous months. The kids had books, coloring and activity books, craft supplies, maps, movies and small toys. They each had their own snack bag as well filled with mostly healthy snacks and a few sweets like Pez as well.

We saw some amazing sights, and were able to check off 4 states that first day off of our list (a short detour into Ohio).  We made it to our hotel for the first night with minimal hassle, which was a relief. (I got lost for a bit in the hills of Kentucky, just a little scary, and the GPS didn't like where we were) We walked over to Cracker Barrel for dinner, the kids have never eaten there, and they are hooked now. L and Adam had a nice time playing checkers on the porch after we ate, and D found a toy to buy with her own money. After dinner we got to swim in a warm indoor pool at our hotel. The kids absolutely loved the whole day!

"Wait, who is Dolly?"


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