Thursday, September 19, 2013

Epic Vacation Part 2

On our second day of travel, we headed from Knoxille to Emerald Isle, North Carolina. Another smooth day of travel, and everyone was very excited to see the mountains! I think Adam was rubber necking more than the kids were. I had been posting out whereabouts on a private group of friends, we all had kids born in June 2006, and it just so happens that one of them said them were close by Knoxville. Well I said it was a shame that we didn't have time to visit. So we kept on our merry way. We got to the first rest stop in North Carolina, which is also a visitor center. Adam, doing a typical dad thing, had us stop so he could get a state map. On our way back to the car, I hear someone call my name. It turns out this friend had stopped at the same rest stop, and parked next to us. We have never met in real life, but recognized each other right away! We made sure we got a group photo with all the kids, it was so much fun!

After driving through a bad thunderstorm around Durham, we made it to the shore! Just a couple of our group was there already, so we made our way to the water. We hadn't eaten dinner yet, so we told the kids that we weren't going to get in the water tonight, but would first thing in the morning. We headed out to take a look, and L just ran straight into the water! He couldn't help it, he was so excited and after being stuck in a car for 2 days straight, we couldn't fault him. He swallowed so much water that night, it scared me. In the end he was fine, but nothing like a little fright to start the vacation. D ran into the water up to her knees, and just squeeled! She then collected things she found on shore and created a self portrait. 


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