Thursday, September 19, 2013

Epic Vacation Part 3

We were able to spend a whole week at the ocean, and we joined by a large portion of Adam's side of the family. We tried to take turns cooking dinner, and everyone was sort of on their own for breakfast and lunch. It worked really well! We also put up a small tent on the beach for shade. L took to the water like a fish, by the end of the week he was diving through waves, boogie boarding, and swimming. D preferred to stay more on the sand, play with her little cousins, and only go into the water up to her thigh. The waves were crazy huge most of the week due to the occasional storm passing by. Both kids had fun trying to catch little crustaceans called sand fleas by the locals. They would hunt for them and keep them in buckets as pets. They also collected tons of shells that we brought home and keep in a vase on a shelf in the living room. The kids worked together to catch a fish with their hands as well!

The family was together over the 4th of July, which also just happens to be my mother-in-law's birthday as well. We celebrated with a special dinner, cake and ice cream, fireworks on the beach, and the kids all played with glow sticks.

After a wonderful week on the beach, it was time to pack back up and head for home. We again took 2 days to drive back, staying in the same hotel in fact. While on the way back home, another friend from my internet group said that we were passing right by her city, and wondered if we could make a quick stop to see her. So I was able to meet another friend that I never had met in real life, but had been internet friends for almost 8 years.

We made it all the way home with no problems either. Although we did not run into any road construction or road kill until we got back home to Indiana. All four of us had a blast, and we can't wait to go on another road trip!!!


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