Friday, February 20, 2009

Books, books, and more books

I took the kids to an annual used book sale today in Valparaiso. I have been going to this now for 4 years and the kids have a rather impressive library all for themselves. But even though we have tons of books, I just can't pass up cheap books! The kids books were double in price this year so that was a bummer especially since I didn't know this until I was paying. Yes, they were still only .50 but I would have been more selective had I known. I got 3 very full reusable bag full of books, 2 of which were just kids books, and 1 bag is books for me and a few for friends. I think I'm going to have to go through all our books and host a used book exchange with the mom's group.


Tiffany said...

Oh a book exchange is a wonderful idea!! Nice way to get some 'new' books and help with any clutter too!!

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