Sunday, February 22, 2009

What to do on a cold snowy weekend??

It has been bitter cold and snowing since Friday night. So what do you do with a 2 1/2 and a 1 1/2 year old when you are couped up in the house all day. Well, you get creative! Saturday, Daddy decided that it would be fun to pull out the large sheets of paper and tape them to the wall for drawing fun. D was very into this! She grabbed a handful of crayons and went with daddy to draw a masterpiece on the wall. L was a bit more reluctant, just like his mommy always was, and stayed at his big boy table. He finally decided after a little bit that daddy and D were having too much fun and joined them. Surprisingly very little crayon got on the wall, and since D was using washable crayons it was an easy clean up. We did head out to Target Saturday night to get out a bit and I picked up a Magic Eraser to clean the rest of it.

Sunday morning we let daddy sleep in, since he let me yesterday and even brought me breakfast in bed, and the boxes full of hats, mittens, scarves, and raincoats were left out in the foyer. The kids found them pretty quickly! They had a blast going through everything and trying on stuff. L put on a fun furry winter hat with a fireman raincoat, and my big winter boots. D put on L's winter boots, and a baseball cap. They were so happy. The only downside, and a small one at that, is that all the stuff in the boxes is now all over the foyer. Easy clean up for an hour of fun!

D was showing off her barrette in her hair. She calls it her haircut. Not sure why.

L at his table coloring

Daddy and D drawing on the wall. They were even standing the same way!

L gets in the act!

Playing dress up and holding hands.


Sarah said...

I am with you! I don't know how many projects I can come up with this winter!

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