Friday, February 13, 2009

kids valentine's party and current pictures

Yesterday afternoon I hosted a kids Valentine's day party at my house for my mom's group that I am a part of. It was tons of fun after my children stopped having their tantrums! For some reason L and D both decided that they weren't going to be happy at the start of the party. I was trying to diffuse the situation but every time I did something to stop the whining it started something else. It got so bad that I actually put them up in their room with the door closed so they could scream themselves out. I went back in after just a min. or two and had a talk with them. I told them if they couldn't be good then they would have to stay in their room during the party. Well, that did it. So down we came and had tons of great snacks that the other moms brought. I had sippy cups for the kids to decorate, coloring sheets, brown paper bags to decorate, cookies to decorate (which didn't happen), and valentine's to exchange. Not to mention all the playing and visiting to do. Overall we had 6 moms and 9 kids including my own. It was crazy but fun. I did decorate the house the night before too. I had fun doing it. I cut small hearts out of construction paper and taped those up on the walls. I had large foam hearts that I made into conversation hearts and taped those up. And I melted crayon shavings in wax paper, cut them into hearts, and hung them in the windows with yarn. I was very happy with how it looked.

And then my good friend Sarah insisted that Adam and I needed a night out and offered to watch the kids. She is a life saver! She has 2 kids of her own and my kids are obsessed with hers. Adam and I went to dinner at a jazz club here downtown. It was fantastic! The service was great, the food was unbelievable, and the drinks were delicious! Overall a great date night. And after thinking about it, the last time we had a date night out of the house was in July for our anniversary. So it was totally time for one.

I've added pictures from the other day of the kids. They have been acting cute when not having tantrums!

I took this picture of L for the Grandparents valentine's cards

Super Cheese!

Mommy and daughter at the party

L freaking out at the party

Miss D trying to build

L giving the stare down to his tower.


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