Friday, February 6, 2009

The sickness!

Yes, that's right, the evil sickness has taken over my house for the last 2 1/2 weeks. I'm not just talking about a cold either. At least, that was how it all started. We all got a really bad cold, and poor L got it worse than anyone. That lasted about a week and a half, and we were all better for maybe 2 days. Then Superbowl Sunday night, L started puking! That night I think it was somewhere around 5 times, then twice in the morning, and 3 at night. I took him to immediate care after making an appointment with his regular Dr. for the next day. They told me that if he gets worse to go ahead and go to the immediate care. So we did, and they told me it was the 24 hour stomach flu, to give him 1 tsp of water every 15 min, and that he should be getting better. The next morning, no puke, and we took him to his regular Dr. to check his dehydration. All was fine that day and the next until 4p.m. That's when D climbed up in my lap, started to whine (which isn't unusual) and just let loose. It was her turn, the only problem was that it was on the couch. Yuck! Just after I finish cleaning hers up, I call Adam to let him know, and while I'm waiting for him to pick up, there goes L. And his sprayed. Double Yuck! I start to clean him up and he goes again. I am getting really sick and tired of all the puke. It had been a full 48 hours since L did it the last time. So yesterday and today we great until they woke up from naps. And yes, L let loose again. Almost a full 48 hours again! I really don't get this! I have disinfected everything. Why does this kid keep doing this to me? We have decided to take him to the ER tonight when Adam gets home from work. There goes celebrating a belated Elmo birthday. I even made a white cake and poked in raspberry jello and homemade butter cream to help. That was how much I thought we were over this. Now I have to start the slow water intake all over again! Ugh!!


Mommy said...

I am SO sorry! Feel better soon, ya'll.

Remember to change out toothbrushes, towels, and sheets if you haven't already.

Thinking of you and sending you healthy thoughts.

Unknown said...

Oh no! There is nothing worse than perpetual sick kids. And the puking? the worst!

I hope they get to feeling better really soon. Keep your chin up momma!

There are homemade pedialyte recipes, we've used the one from the WHO with orange juice and it worked very well but check with your doctor first of course. Good luck!

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