Friday, March 25, 2016

2016 World Thinking Day for Brownies

In Girl Scouts we all celebrate World Thinking Day on Feb. 22 every year. This is a way that Girl Scouts/Guides all over the world can feel connected. With this being our troops first year, we decided to skip our council's awesome party to celebrate, and opted to have a smaller party with just our Brownies. A few weeks prior we had the girls vote on 3 countries to learn about, and they picked Mexico, Ireland, and Germany. So I printed out these great little passport pages about each country for each girl, found neat rainbow books in the Dollar Spot at Target, planned a craft/activity for each, and had a food from each country.

We started our journey on the globe and headed to Ireland!

The passport in the rainbow book.

The girls made shamrock wands by gluing a foam glittery shamrock from the dollar store to a green colored popsicle stick. To snack on, I found these malted candies, and an Irish cheese for the girls to try.

Next stop was Mexico! The girls made maracas out of plastic Easter eggs, rice, and 2 plastic spoons duct taped to the sides of the egg. Clearly all the girls had a blast making music when they were done.  They tried Arcoiris cookies and all loved it!

And our last stop was Germany!

The girls tried this fun German Chocolate bar.

I made each girl a German Schultüte, a traditional first day of school treat filled with new school supplies. 

The girls all had so much fun that they asked if I could do 1 country per month for the rest of the year.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

St. Patrick's day festivities!

Every year we have lots of fun celebrating St. Patrick's Day! We have friends come over, have a few big meals, and visit a local pub. I started this year by making a fun wreath for the front door.

My "Irish Twins" dressed and ready for school. I know that it doesn't look like L is happy, but he is in this "I don't smile for pictures anymore phase".

To decorate I also crocheted a bunch of shamrocks for us to wear, and then I made a garland with rainbow colored shamrocks. Lots of fun, and super easy to do.

Our traditional breakfast we make for friends: soda bread, thick cut bacon, scotch eggs, baked beans, fried tomatoes, fried potatoes, and a big mug of coffee.

At the pub, after we were interviewed for the news. My fish and chips came right after we took the picture!

And then our traditional dinner: slow cooked corned beef, fried cabbage, soda bread, potatoes, carrots, and onion, and of course green pop for the kids!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Brownie Kindness Project

We had read about a kindness project that took place at a local middle school. Schmucker Middle School had worked on notes of kindness and hid them in lockers to surprise the kids the next day.
My co-leader and I thought this would be a great project for our Brownies. This is our first year having a Girl Scout troop at our school, consisting of 3 kindergarten Daisies, 2 second grade Brownies, and 5 third grade Brownies. We have a small school of only 130 students, so we had the Brownies write a nice note for each and every student in the whole school. The girls had fun doing this month and a half long project, and were finally able to place the notes on students tables during last week's meeting.

I was able to come in and visit in the morning when all the students were discovering the notes left for them. There seemed to be smiles all around, and made that Wednesday just that much brighter.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Pi day fun!

For the last few years, our family has celebrated pi day! Not sure what pi day is? Well pi is a mathematical symbol, and the first few numbers are 3.14 so we celebrate on march 14th.
We had shepherd's pie and a cherry pi pie for dinner.

And as I have mentioned many times before, we LOVE our local library. This year they hosted a fun pi day celebration as well. The kids ate pizza, chocolate cream pie, raspberry pie, listened to a funny story, made pi-kus (haikus about pie), and played the pie in the face game!

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